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"Sometimes when I feel as happy and calm as I do today, for no “good” reason" - this is interesting. I read so many good reasons. Three paragraphs of them. Isn't it the most interesting that we do this. Feeling calm and happy prompts us to ask how we could possibly be so calm and happy. How dare you be calm and happy. Be careful of being calm and happy. We say to ourselves there's no good reason to be calm and happy and in the same moment listicle all the reasons we are calm and happy. We're curious creatures. :) Love this post.

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Loved our little Nolita apartment!! It was impossibly too small with not nearly enough storage space or even room for a full sized couch, but damn it was special. ❤️

And thank you for the YBR shout out...I’m loving the first weeks of our wandering European adventure.

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