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A signature style ! In the vein of 18th C. coffeehouse essayist Joseph Addison and 1930s-1950s Peter Benchley. Don't miss Montaigne !

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I love the reminder that nobody is coming to save you. I feel like we have to learn that at so many different times in our life, but that it's always there. How well we handle it often has to do with how we were raised. Those who had the sweet spot of support plus challenges probably cower the least when they hear it. Those who were coddled too much might act out and fight it every step of the way. And those who have been saving themselves from day one, think 'No shit, Sherlock." They might make the best entrepreneurs. Maybe. Would be fun to explore. Personally, I think it's freeing to know that nobody's come to save you because if you truly believe that, then it relieves you from ever giving a crap what anyone else thinks:)

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