SO much resonance with this one.

You describe so well the feeling of freedom and creative bliss when I decided to not care about money for a year.

And I love your honesty of the experience of financial reality slowly, but very surely, setting in. I feel that in my bones.

They say do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life! Follow your joy and the universe will pay you for it!

Nice in theory.

Still, I’m so inspired by and proud of you for taking that leap, and placing that bet on yourself. And I feel very confident that a way of working and being that feels aligned is finding it’s way to you.

A reflection: self publishing a book is one of those high risk / high reward swings. I wonder what it would look like to take smaller, cheaper, higher odds types of swings at ways to generate income that feel aligned for you. That’s how I’ve been looking at coaching. And with the bit of income it brings in, it makes me feel safer taking bigger, riskier swings.

Grateful to be on this journey with you.

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Thank you so much for this thoughtful comment DS!! I am truly so grateful to be on this journey with you too :) And I love hearing about your coaching updates—I know how lucky anyone would be to work with you, especially if you ever offer IRL hiking as a format :D

So true about self-publishing a book as a high-risk, high-reward super swing . . . I have thought a lot about how I'd do a next one. Barring winning the lottery, I'd either experiment with low-key print on demand, or I'd go back to traditional a) if they'd have me (lol, they seem to hate that I'm not on social media) and b) if I met an editor who was super bright/sharp/aligned with the work and the vision.

Thank you for relating around the piece about how good that freedom feels, too . . . I was feeling self-conscious after this went live, but reading your words helped me feel less alone re: that reality setting back in and the contrast between these states. YTB, and let's get together around soon — I'll reach out to coordinate! 🙏

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